Monday, July 7, 2014

Publication Day for Swimmers!

Today is the publication day for my new YA novel Swimmers! I am beyond excited to introduce Swimmers, my second novel for young adults published by Red Deer Press. The book is set in both Victoria, BC and Lethbridge, AB, two Canadian cities that I have spent a good deal of time living in. They're connected by a Greyhound bus trip that winds through the Rocky Mountains, as 17-year-old Hunter returns home.

Both Victoria and Lethbridge are incredibly important cities to me, and while my first novel - Before We Go - was set entirely in Victoria, I haven't written substantially about Lethbridge before. As cities go, they are fairly opposite. Victoria is a smaller city located on Vancouver Island, accessible by an hour and a half ferry ride from Vancouver Island, or a three hour ferry ride from Seattle. There's no escaping the ocean, or the fog, or the long sandy beaches. The header picture of this website was taken in Victoria along Beach Drive, which wraps around the southern part of the island. But Lethbridge is all prairie. You have to drive for a while to find a lake, and to get a really good one, you have to go into BC or Montana. I grew up in both cities, and also returned to live in both of them as an adult. 

Swimmers follows Hunter's Greyhound trip with his ex-girlfriend Lee and a 12-year-old named Poppy. Lee has come to bring Hunter back home because it's time for him to face the one thing that he ran away from. The book traces their journey home and reveals Hunter's past, and the precarious, uncertain present he has been living in. 

I am so, so, so excited that Swimmers will be on bookshelves today, and also available at Amazon (US) and Amazon (Canada)!

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